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Bot Traffic Detection

Bots are one of the main component of internet traffic. You should understand that bots are connected with wasted advertising budgets and technical problems. Ad spy bots even may steal successful ad campaigns.

Scraping Protection

Scraping is an automated bot threat where cybercriminals collect data from your website for malicious purposes, such as content reselling, price undercutting.

Low Quality Detection

The profitability of your advertising campaign depends on proper targeting. In this way, you can identify inactive users and minimize the risk of failure of your advertising campaign.

Traffic Quality Is Verified By Adscore

Adscore has five main categories of traffic: human, proxy, low-quality and bots, of course. With this feature you can optimize web traffic for your advertising campaign.

Do you need web trafic?

We have lots of traffic inventory, ready to go. Global Advert is directly connected to a wide range of SSPs and real-time exchanges to secure the best-performing ad placements on the best-performing websites and apps.

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Premium Inventory

Our partners are various SSP (supply-side platform) and they help us to provide advertisers with quality traffic at lower rates. Our goal is to deliver the best-performing ad placements on the best-performing websites and apps. We are focused on adding new SSP partners regularly in order to enhance our advertising platform. The goal is to deliver the best-performing ad placements on the best-performing web resources.

Transparent Traffic

Global Advert provides advertisers and agencies with full transparency, complete visibility and 100% cost control in order to be make correct media buying decisions. We may provide access to all relevant sources of inventory of our platform while cross-publisher media buying.

Global Advert Advertising Platform

Our platform include all options for smart advertising

Widespread promotion

Client Support 24/7

Conversion analytics

Geo Targeting

Fast Optimization

Online reports

Ad forms

Push Notification (CPC)

Push notifications are clickable pop-up messages that appear on your users’ browsers irrespective of the device they’re using or the browser they’re on. They serve as a quick communication channel, enabling companies to convey messages, offers, or other information to targeted audience in order to provide a positive user experience.

Display (CPM)

Display or banner advertising is one of the most popular and traditional methods of digital advertising. The purpose of banner advertising is to promote a brand and/or to get visitors from the host website to go to the advertiser's website and create brand awareness and recognition. Our advertising platform supports all standard IAB sizes of banners.

Native (CPM)

Native advertising offers the opportunity to connect with users in a format of the user’s choosing. Native advertising can also be less intrusive than traditional ad formats such as banner ads, so it may be more engaging for targeted audience.

Audience (CPV)

Audience is served by a network or RON. In this case, media buying ads are rotated and shown on all sites and pages of the network. This option of media buying is used in the spheres of websites engagement and traffic arbitrage and it offers IAS and Forensiq filters.

Pop-under (CPV)

An ad that displays in a new browser window behind the current browser window. The pop-under ad is the sneakier relative of the pop-up ad. While pop-up ads are often shown (and closed) instantly, pop-under ads linger behind the current browser window, appearing only after other windows have been closed.

Video (CPM)

Online video advertising allows marketers to engage their audience in the form of engaging video content. This comes in many forms: in-stream, out-stream, interactive, in-game and webpage based videos, creating video messaging before, during, and after consumers take in content on their desktop or mobile devices. Global Advert video advertising is highly targeted and allows to maximize the engagement of targeted audience.

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